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Through the use of Autocad Civil3D 2014 The Sterling Company creates full 3-dimensional models of your project for BIM (Building Information Model) applications.


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Representative Surveying Projects

Thomas F. Eagleton U.S. Courthouse
Location: St. Louis, MO
Client: Morse Diesel International/CMR Construction

New twenty-nine story courtroom and office building of very complex design for the 8th U.S. Circuit Court and Eastern District of Missouri. The Sterling Company performed all construction surveying, and maintained horizontal and vertical survey control of column and beam placement throughout construction. Surveying responsibilities further included the careful monitoring of this building and surrounding properties for settling and shrinkage. The Sterling Company also provided extensive photographic examination of pre- and post-construction conditions of surrounding buildings and properties.

Lumiere Place Casino and Four Seasons Hotel
Location: St. Louis, MO
Client: McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.

The Sterling Company was a part of the construction process of this new St. Louis attraction from the ground breaking. We performed all calculations and layout for building construction, utilities, pavement and the Lumiere Link tunnel which connects the casino to the Edward Jones Dome. The owner's demand for perfection in a timely manner was fully met by The Sterling Company from the initial site visit through project completion.

Holcim (US) Inc. Cement Plant
Location: Ste. Genevieve & Jefferson Counties, MO
Client: MC-Industrial and Castle Contracting, Inc.

This massive manufacturing facility, now under construction on approximately 4,000 acres, will be the world's largest Portland cement plant. The Sterling Company is providing surveying services for the huge silos and several thousand feet of electrical duct bank.

Metro Link Extensions
Location: St. Louis Co., MO & St. Clair Co., IL
Client: Bi-Sate Development Agency

The Sterling Company performed all surveying for the eighteen-mile extension of the light rail system from East St. Louis to Scott AFB. Subsequently, we were selected to perform the same work for the eight-mile, $230,000,000 extension through some densely developed areas of suburban St. Louis County. Work on both projects included survey calculation and construction layout for electrical lines, tracks and ballast, and production of as-built drawings. The St. Louis County extension included complex work for the construction of tunnels needed to separate light rail lines from street and pedestrian traffic.

Metropolitan Life Building
Location: St. Louis, MO
Client: McCarthy Bros. Construction Co.

St. Louis' tallest building at 42 stories and 1.5 million square feet. The Sterling Co. was called on to provide precise survey control during installation of all structural steel members.

Edward Jones Dome
Location: St. Louis, MO
Client: J. S. Alberici Construction Co., Inc.

This is the home of the NFL St. Louis Rams, and part of the St. Louis Convention Center. All Construction surveying was done by The Sterling Company. Precise monitoring of dome's arches for deflection was complex and particularly critical throughout construction.

The Villas at Chesterfield Bluffs
Location: Chesterfield, MO
Client: The Jones Company

This development is a gated community on top of the bluffs overlooking Chesterfield Valley. The Sterling Company engineered the site with preservation of the rugged natural beauty within this exclusive community. This was complicated by the need for the extension of Baxter Road through the adjacent bluff face.

Westridge Oaks
Location: Wildwood, MO
Client: Mayer Homes, Inc.

The Sterling Company provided careful engineering of the site to address steep terrain and manage construction costs in minimizing rock. Included the design of a lift station and extension of offsite utilities.

Page Avenue Extension
Location: St. Louis & St. Charles Counties, MO
Client: Millstone Bangert & Fred Weber, Inc.

The Sterling Company performed all survey work, including control and construction staking, for five miles of new regional highway on both sides of the Missouri River. This new link in the St. Louis metropolitan area expressway system has greatly alleviated congestion at other Missouri River bridges.